Imroj Singh

Imroj Singh dropped out of UCLA, a move that would hinder the progress of many people, but for him opened up new doors of opportunity to work with his father. Together they’ve grown Golden Mile Enterprises into a hugely successful trucking and transportation services company located in Fontana, California. The elder Singh worked for years in a liquor store in Louisiana before finally setting out for himself as a truck driver. In 2015, he started Golden Mile while his son was still in high school. When Imroj went to UCLA, he needed a job to help pay his bills. He worked at a couple of fast food restaurants, but he wanted a bit more of a challenge.

He began working at a trucking company as a dispatcher, and his experience there led him to try out working with his father. Things went so well that he committed himself full time to the Golden Mile and became the Director of Operations. It started with just a couple trucks owned by his dad, but in a few short years they’ve grown the business to a fleet of over 100 modern vehicles that provide pick-ups, deliveries, and transport of freight across the lower 48 states. They are busy building a new terminal in Indianapolis, Indiana, with further terminals planned for locations in New Jersey and Georgia. With his father’s help and collaboration, Imroj has come a long, long way to success in a very short time.