Golden Mile Enterprises, Inc

Director of Operations


Imroj Singh

Imroj Singh and his father have grown Golden Mile Enterprises into a hugely successful trucking and transportation services company located in Fontana, California. The elder Singh worked for years in a liquor store in Louisiana before finally setting out for himself as a truck driver. In 2015, he started Golden Mile while his son was still in high school. When Imroj went to UCLA, he needed a job to help pay his bills. He worked at a couple of fast food restaurants, but he wanted a bit more of a challenge.


“I took the job as a dispatcher for the trucking company because I was bored with working at fast food restaurants. I was in college at the time, but I needed to work to pay my bills. I realized that I really enjoyed the trucking industry and that I might really be able to work with my father.”


Every industry faces an evolving future, and freight companies are no exception. Technology, as well as improved practices and philosophies, are evident in businesses involving transportation. The key to continued success is to always watch out for trends and apply those that will reasonably work well in your business.


Managing a freight company comes with high stakes. There are many aspects of operating such a business: Maintaining your shipping vehicles, making sure that the cargo is intact, as well as understanding the details from the starting point towards the destination.